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Activists launch campaign to free Amin Abu Rashed from Dutch jail

August 26, 2023 at 12:48 pm

People gather at Dam Square holding flags and banners during a demonstration organised by ‘Palestinian House in Netherlands’ Foundation, in support of Palestine on 30 December 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands [Abdullah Aşıran/Anadolu Agency]

A group of Palestinian and Dutch activists launched on Thursday a campaign calling for the release of Amin Abu Rashed, head of the Conference of Palestinians in Europe, Quds Press reported.

Organisers of the campaign told Quds Press that Abu Rashed, a Palestinian-Dutch citizen, has been in prison for 60 days.

Head of the Palestinian Community in the Netherlands, Ahmad Sakina, said: “Throughout this campaign, we have spread awareness about Abu Rashed and his case. We will support him and stand beside him during this campaign.”

Sakina disclosed a plan for a number of activities as part of the campaign “to be held very soon under the tag #Freedom_For_Amin.”

Meanwhile, Abu Rashed’s family have confirmed that his health condition is deteriorating; they called for his immediate release as “he is being detained by the Dutch authorities based on false claims and pressure by the Israeli occupation.”

For his part, Head of Palestinian Democratic Gathering in the Netherlands, Yaser Tamim, said: “Abu Rashed and all the organisations and institutions he has been working with support the Palestinian people inside Palestine and in the diaspora.”

Tamim added: “We will be part of the action against the false campaign targeting him.”

Palestinian activist in Holland, Tariq Jalbout, said: “The detention of Abu Rashed means the detention of every Palestinian. The duty of every Palestinian and every free person is to stand with Amin and be part of the campaign launched in solidarity with him.”

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