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Ocasio-Cortez slams AIPAC as an ‘extremist organisation that destabilises US democracy’

November 2, 2023 at 2:31 pm

US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on February 12, 2022 in San Antonio, Texas [Brandon Bell/Getty Images]

Democrat Representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, slammed the pro-Israel lobby group, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), as an extremist organisation that destabilises US democracy” last night on X, formerly known as Twitter.

She posted: “AIPAC endorsed scores of Jan 6th insurrectionists. They are no friend to American democracy. They are one of the more racist and bigoted PACs in Congress as well, who disproportionately target members of colour.”

She concluded, “They are an extremist organisation that destabilises US democracy.”

According to The Times of Israel, the US lawmaker’s remarks followed a post from the pro-Israel organisation, in which they criticised her and other lawmakers who did not endorse a pro-Israel House resolution the previous week.

The post also singled out other members of the “Squad”, a group of progressive Democratic legislators, and Republican Representative, Thomas Massie.

Moreover, in response to the comments made by Ocasio-Cortez, AIPAC stated: “More of the same tired lies & spin, @AOC and the Squad summed up: People who disagree with us are racist. AIPAC stands with pro-Israel Democrats and Republicans of all races, genders, and backgrounds who support the US-Israel alliance. And we oppose those who don’t, like you.”

However, Mark Pocan, Democrat from Wisconsin and co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, echoed the criticism expressed by Ocasio-Cortez.

He wrote: “I have to acknowledge that this encapsulates the prevailing sentiment regarding what @AIPAC genuinely represents. Insurrectionists, really? They are not supporters of democracy.”

“Got to admit, @MarkPocan is a hypocrite,” AIPAC responded. “Singling AIPAC out for doing the exact same thing PACs supporting him do. Surely, for the sake of consistency, he will condemn them too and return the six-figures he took from those PACs last cycle, right?”

These interactions between AIPAC and the two House Democrats occurred just a day after Representative, Thomas Massie, from Kentucky engaged in a heated exchange with the group. This exchange stemmed from AIPAC’s tweet criticising the 10 lawmakers who voted against the Israel resolution the previous week.

Critics have warned that the pro-Israel lobby group’s single focus on Israel often clashes with American interest. Nevertheless, it has been granted licence to shape and influence US politics in a manner which critics now say has become an “existential threat” to the Democratic Party.

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