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Egyptian politician: US suspension of aid to Egypt sign of tense relations

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am

Head of the Change Party Bassem Khafaji has said that the suspension of US aid to the Egyptian army is a sign of the US’s tense relations with the coup authorities.

He tweeted: “The suspension of US military aid to Egypt is a clear sign of tension in the relations between the two countries.” He also said that he expects this action could be a precursor to sanctions.

He added: “This is the reward for those who seek external assistance against their people.”

Commenting on why the US is planning to suspend its aid to Egypt, he said, the US is continuously negotiating with the coup powers, imposing “gradual sanctions in order to grab concessions that harm Egypt more and more. Unfortunately, they do not understand.”

Regarding what the US hopes to achieve by suspending its aid, he said: “They want the coup to bend down and offer more concessions, even though the US is also supporting the coup. They want it to continue to be weak.”