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Coup plot to turn Egypt into police state will fail, claims Brotherhood

February 8, 2014 at 1:57 am

A spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood has accused the coup leaders of planning to turn Egypt into a “secular, military police state”. However, said Dr Ahmed Aref, this will fail because the people will not accept being suppressed by their relatives serving in the armed forces.

He pointed out that the first attempt to get the Egyptian army involved in the political arena since 2011 was when the when the constitutional court announced that military personnel could vote in elections.

Writing on his Facebook page, Ared said, “Now Al-Sisi is leading the political process in order to re-arrange Egypt into a secularist, military police state based on calculations made behind closed doors and promoted to the public through fancy phrases such as ‘the popular forces’, ‘the roadmap’, and ‘the people’s choice’.”

Noting that a soldier’s honour is in being at the front line against external threats, Aref added that the American slogan of “the war on terror” will not take hold in Egyptian public opinion.

“There is no society that is free of crime, but to depict the millions [of Morsi supporters] as terrorists or as brainwashed is a massive lie,” he added.