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Israeli commander: War against Lebanon closer than ever and unavoidable

February 10, 2014 at 1:45 pm

The commander of the northern region in the Israeli army, General Yair Golan, told Israeli Channel 7 news on Sunday that war with Lebanon has become closer than ever and is unavoidable.

General Golan added that there are no simple wars and that Israel is ready to enter into a decisive, powerful confrontation which might continue for weeks and possibly months, explaining that the Israeli army has learnt a lot from previous wars, especially on the Lebanese front. He continued by saying that, “in our next war with Hezbollah, we will cause them heavy losses and we will not relent,” stressing that the Israeli occupation forces are ready for any aggression.

General Golan also warned Hezbollah against taking, what he called, any “stupid” action on the northern border, as it would lead to the outbreak of the coming confrontation.