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Sheikh Salah legal win is "a victory for Palestinian values"

February 17, 2014 at 11:16 pm

The spokesman for the Islamic movement in Israel, Zahi Nujeidat, has described the legal case won by Sheikh Raed Salah as “a victory for the major principles being held on to by the Palestinians”. Mr. Nujeidat confirmed that the movement’s leader is expected to return to his homeland “soon”.

Speaking to the media, Nujeidat said that the Islamic movement wishes to thank everyone in the Palestinian, Arab, Islamic and international communities who championed Sheikh Salah’s cause over the ten months since his arrest in London on immigration charges, something which a senior British judge has now described as “entirely unnecessary”. It is now just a case of waiting to know what procedural steps need to be taken to restore Sheikh Salah’s travel documents to him.

Nujeidat emphasised that this victory “clears the Sheikh’s good name” and is a victory for all Muslim leaders who stand up for Palestinian rights and face similar attacks across Europe as a result.

An official statement issued by the Palestinian Forum in Britain called the decision of the Upper Immigration Tribunal a “big win”, saying that the whole case against Sheikh Salah “was fabricated by the Zionist lobby” and a right-wing media campaign. The leader of the Islamic movement in Israel had been invited to Britain primarily to speak to members of both Houses of Parliament about the situation of Israel’s non-Jewish citizens.