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Mossad appoints full-time rabbi to provide spiritual guidance for its agents

Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, has appointed a full-time rabbi to provide spiritual guidance for its agents; Israel's Maariv newspaper reported on Monday.

The newspaper quoted an Israeli Mossad officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, as saying: "There are many religious personnel in the Mossad and the number has increased over the past years." The officer pointed out that the rabbi's tasks include answering questions related to Jewish law and intelligence activities.

"Sometimes questions arise on what is allowed and what is prohibited. The majority of the questions are related to kosher food and observing Shabat mostly by the Mossad agents working abroad," he said. The officer claimed the rabbi was appointed to Mossad a few years ago; however the agency chose not to announce it.

In 2010, Rabbi Ari Shvat sparked controversy when he allowed Mossad female agents to seduce dangerous terrorists to obtain important information from about the security of Israel. Female Mossad agents were granted permission to use "an efficient weapon" that can take down "the strongest of the strong; seduction", the Rabbi said.

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