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Houthi representative in government leaves key meeting in protest

A representative of the Houthi movement, Saleh Al-Sammat, left a meeting with Yemeni President Abed Rabbu Hadi Mansour on Sunday after the latter accused the Houthis of occupying key Yemeni cities, Anadolu news agency reported.

The news agency quoted an anonymous source as saying that Al-Sammat, who is an aide to the Yemeni president, left the meeting that included other aides, the National Defence Council and the prime minister-designate in protest against the president's "assault" on the Houthis.

In a televised speech broadcast on official state television, Mansour called on the Houthis to "urgently" withdraw their militants from all cities, some of which have been under their control for more than a month.

In addition, Mansour condemned the movement's "occupation of ministries, institutions of the state and oil companies", and called on the militants "not to raise pretexts to continue their occupation", referring to the Houthis' claim to be fighting Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Since September 21, the Shia Houthi movement has been controlling key Yemeni institutions in Sanaa. Arab and Western capitals accuse them of getting money and armed support from Iran.

Despite recently accepting the 'Peace and Partnership' agreement with Mansour, which includes the Houthis' immediate withdrawal from Sanaa, the movement continues to progress, seizing more and more Yemeni cities and governorates, potentially leading the country into civil war.

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