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UN evacuates international staff from Yemen

The United Nations has evacuated its international staff from Yemen after Saudi Arabia continued its crackdown on Houthi rebels and their allies there.

Deputy spokesman for Secretary General, Farhan Haq told reporters on Tuesday that the last 13 UN international workers left the country and that the organisation’s representative, Jamal Benomar has relocated to Jordan.

Nearly 200 UN employees, including Jamal Benomar, Special Advisor to the Secretary General on Yemen escaped during the weekend.

Haq pointed out that the organization will rely on hundreds of local employees to keep their presence in the country and that foreign staff will return “if circumstances permit”.

Haq noted that Benomar seeks to re-launch peace talks despite the military intervention.

The spokesman played down reports that the UN envoy to Yemen lost Gulf states’ support.

“It’s difficult in a time of war to get negotiations going, but it’s also precisely crucial to do that at that very time”, he asserted.

Haq stressed that Benomar still has “full support” of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

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