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Abbas does not incite against Israel, says IDF

The Israel Defence Forces IDF) has said that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas does not incite anyone to do anything against Israelis. In fact, the IDF pointed out, he even orders the Palestinian security services to deter anti-occupation protestors in the West Bank, reported on Wednesday.

A number of Israeli army officers have said that Abbas, in addition to other senior PA officials, is regarded as the main factor in deterring anti-Israel protestors and preventing them from fighting illegal Jewish settlers. The PA leadership, they said, continues with its security cooperation with the occupation authorities.

Nevertheless, the Israeli intelligence analysis of Abbas’ policy, including his presentations at the UN, is that he has undermined his position and influence among Palestinians. Intelligence officers added that the PA’s weakness must be a concern for Israel because it is a key restraining factor to prevent a third intifada.

In addition, they said that Abbas and his security services have blocked several anti-Israeli uprisings and arrested many Palestinians planning attacks against the occupiers, and handed them over to Israel. The PA even succeeded in preventing popular action against Israel in the wake of the arson attack and burning alive of the Dawabsheh family.

Abbas knows that there is no opportunity for a military confrontation with Israel, intelligence analysts have reported. He also knows that there is no political solution on the horizon during the term of the current coalition government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Such comments by Israeli intelligence fly in the face of those of Netanyahu, who always claims that Abbas is a supporter of “terror”.

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