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Far-right Dutch MP hands out sprays 'against refugees'

Far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders has handed out sprays containing red paint to women so they can “protect themselves against refugees”.

The leader of Freedom Party was accompanied by deputies as he visited the town of Spijkenisse on Saturday.

Wilder said he wanted to point to the “refugee threat”.

Police took security measures and detained some individuals who protested and chanted against the lawmaker.

Wilders’ sprays come in the wake of sexual assaults in German province of Cologne on New Year’s Eve. Germany accepted over a million refugees last year.

Wilders is known for his anti-immigrant policies and demands that the borders of Netherlands are permanently closed to the refugees.

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The Dutch lawmaker is also notorious for his anti-Islam discourse. He had uploaded a video on the Internet in June 2015 that showed nine caricatures of Prophet Muhammad, which is considered highly offensive to the beliefs of the world’s nearly 1.6 billion Muslims.

In a speech in 2014, he said: “Islam is eating away at our Judeo-Christian and humanist civilization and replacing it with intolerance, hatred and violence. And our so-called leaders allow it… our politicians foolishly allowed millions of Islamic immigrants to settle within our borders.”

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