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Attack on Algerian security directorate leaves 3 dead

Algeria police [File photo]
Algerian police [File photo]

Two policemen were killed Thursday morning in a suicide attack on a security directorate in Algeria’s northwestern Tiaret province, according to official sources.

In a statement, Algeria’s National Security General Directorate said that “a terrorist armed with an explosive belt tried to shoot his way into the directorate building”.

“When a policeman attempted to bar his entry, the terrorist blew himself up, immediately killing himself and the police officer,” the statement read.

According to Algeria’s official state press, a second policeman wounded in the attack later succumbed to his injuries, “putting the total death toll at two policemen and the attacker”.

No group has claimed responsibility for Thursday’s attack.


In February, the Algerian security forces announced they had foiled an attack by a suicide bomber on a police station in the northeastern city of Constantine.

The Daesh terrorist group later claimed responsibility for the attempted assault, in which security forces managed to kill the bomber before he could detonate his explosive device.

In March, the Algerian military claimed to have killed Noureddine Laouira, the “emir” of Daesh’s Algerian affiliate, in clashes that broke out in a district of Constantine.

Algeria’s security forces are currently dealing with two different terrorist groups: Daesh and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), with some elements of the latter group being said to have pledged allegiance to the former.