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Daesh commits massacre against regime forces in Syria

Tanks belonging to the opposition forces fire after the Assad Regime carried out airstrikes in de-conflict zones in Damascus, Syria on 12 July 2017 [Ammar al Bushy/Anadolu Agency]

Daesh released yesterday images of dozens of bodies it claimed belonged to members of Syrian regime forces who were killed during an attempt to attack the group on Saturday in the city of Al-Mayadin in Deir Ez-Zour and the city of Sokhna in eastern Homs countryside.

Activists in the Dery News Network, which is run by activists from Deir Ez-Zour, said that regime forces encircled the area of Makef El-Ghanam at the south-east entrance of the city of Al-Mayadin. Seventy of their forces were killed during this attack.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have broadcast footage of its members in the artillery battalion adjacent to the city of Al-Mayadin. The videotape included aerial footage of the city, which is one of Daesh’s most important strongholds in Deir Ez-Zour.

Daesh announced that it has now moved on to Sokhna, Homs, which is also controlled by regime forces.

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