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Israel afraid of new escalation over alleged tension on Gaza borders

Palestinians hold rescue operations after Israel destroyed a cross-border tunnel linking the blockaded Gaza Strip to Israeli territory on 3 November 2017 [Mustafa Hassona/Anadolu Agency]

Israel is afraid of a new escalation with the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip after a rise in tension along the border, Israeli news website Walla reported yesterday.

According to Quds Press, Israeli military sources said that Israeli is still afraid of a new escalation a week after it bombed a Palestinian resistance tunnel on the borders and killing 12 Islamic Jihad and Hamas fighters.

The Israeli website said that "Israel does not know how many tunnels are being dug by Hamas after the discovery of the Islamic Jihad tunnel and how many of these tunnels have crossed the borders."

It also said that the Israeli military is afraid that "if the Islamic Jihad decided to respond, it would surprise the Israeli army which is trying to be ready for any surprise on the borders."

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According to the Israeli website, the army is carrying out intensive patrols along the borders and it had already erected barriers in order to prevent "unnecessary" arrivals along the border.

Walla warned: "Despite the relative tranquillity along the Gaza borders, the interests easily change in the Middle East… The changes in Lebanese politics are a proof about this."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday refused to return the bodies of the five Palestinians who were found by the Israeli army after the Gaza-border tunnel attack last week.

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