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Israel bans European ministers from entry due to BDS support

Israeli Interior Minister, Aryeh Deri [Adi Cohen Zedek/Wikimedia]
Israeli Interior Minister, Aryeh Deri [Adi Cohen Zedek/Wikimedia]

A European delegation was yesterday banned from visiting the occupied Palestinian territories because of its support for the Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, the Times of Israel reported.

Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri would not allow the 20-strong team, which includes French MPs and mayors and members of the European Parliament, to undergo a visit to Israel and the occupied West Bank on 19-23 November.

The group was due to visit Palestinian MP Marwan Barghouthi and other Palestinian prisoners who are being held in Israeli jails.

Deri said that the EU officials would be refused entry if they landed in Israel, and that he would also notify them in advance in the hope that they will not make the journey at all.

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“This is not the first time I have denied entry to BDS activists,” the Israeli minister said, “but this time it is a delegation of European officials who are coming in order to work against Israel, which gives [the decision] more weight.”

“We will not allow entry to those who actively call for harming the State of Israel,” he said. “We are talking about political leaders who actively support the boycott against Israel and even promote it.”

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  • Kaminoyona

    Smart move Israel.

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      Yep, show everybody what a bullying thugdom you are! If it weren’t for your appallingly vicious treatment of the Palestinians there wouldn’t be any BDS. I bet you’ve never even thought of reforming your horrible behavior.

  • ricck lineheart

    Through the centuries of getting tossed out of more than 100 countries this is funny hahahaa…

    • Peter Bedijn


  • JNDillard

    We can only hope that those EU ministers have the conviction to fly to Israel and force Israel to deny them entry.

  • Dow Jones

    Kick the supremacist zionazis out of their free digs in the NATO war mongering center in Natostan capital Brussels. Also shut down the zionazi jew only “parliament” in Brussels. Then arrest all the traitors in the bureaucracy of the evil EUSSR who are sucking off Soros and Rothschild and daily betray the tax payers who naively voted for these w#ores.