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Sources: Arab countries withhold aid to Palestinian Authority

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speaks at conference on 17 January 2018 [Thaer Ganaim/Apaimages]

Informed Palestinian sources revealed Thursday that a number of Arab countries, including Gulf states, have refused to transfer aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) following the latter's rejection of the US peace plan.

The sources told Quds Press that Arab countries have refused to transfer funds at the beginning of this year as part of a financial aid programme approved by Arab summits' resolutions.

The sources added that the PA is still waiting for the funds to meet its financial obligations to provide services to the Palestinian people.

The sources added that Saudi Arabia has warned President Mahmoud Abbas on more than one occasion that the consequences of his rejection of the Trump deal would mean the end of his rule.

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The sources have also confirmed the existence of Arab-American efforts to impose their will on the Palestinian presidency, as well as Arab pressure on President Abbas to step down.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is said to have warned Abbas that his escalating steps against the US administration and its new plan could lead to the collapse of the PA and the end of his rule.

Abbas reiterated during the Central Council meeting earlier this week his rejection of the Trump peace project.

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