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Pakistan nuclear physicist reveals new information about Egypt's Morsi

Pakistani nuclear physicist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has revealed key facts about the reason behind the 2013 coup against Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the role played by the US, Israel and internal agents in these events.

Khan – who is described as the "father of the Pakistani atomic bomb" – wrote in a testimony on Facebook that "President Morsi travelled to Russia, India and Pakistan, but many do not know that he agreed with the Russians to re-operate an Egyptian nuclear reactor enriched with uranium that would generate electricity. He also agreed to establish another reactor that Egypt would receive three years later, for the same purpose".

"It would have been better for me not to speak about Egyptian affairs," Khan added, "but the Egyptian people need to know the truth in order to decide the fate of President Morsi."

Khan continued: "Do the Egyptians know that the results of this visit have been the most frightening to the West? Egypt would have solved the electricity problem in the country forever, as well as exported enough electricity to light the continent of Africa."

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"The Egyptians should know that during the rule of President Morsi, Egypt received two German submarines. Israel had pressured Germany to prevent Egypt gaining possession of such submarines, which are capable of hitting an aircraft carrier if Egypt has the right missiles," Khan continued.

This came to light in Israel in March, after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that he had approved the German-Egyptian sale but could not disclose his reasons for doing so, claiming they were "state secrets".

Khan also explained that many Egyptians do not realise the importance of Egypt's possession of a military satellite, which could allow extensive surveillance of Israel. Morsi had agreed upon this with Indian scientists and, were it not for the coup in 2013, Egypt would have by today come close to owning such a satellite.

In addition, Khan claimed many do not know that President Morsi told Russian President Vladimir Putin that Egypt needed missiles, for which Russia officially agreed to sign a deal. Khan also revealed that President Morsi sent an Egyptian major general called Al-Tarraz to negotiate the deal, but US pressure on the army caused it to fail.

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