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Ghannouchi: ‘Tunisia's future cannot be taken lightly by incompetent candidates’

September 13, 2019 at 2:20 am

The head of Tunisia’s Ennahda Movement, Rached Ghannouchi, said that many “dictators” are working to thwart Tunisian democracy.

He stressed that Ennahda is determined to boost change in Tunisia by supporting a “serious candidate” for the presidency.

Ghannouchi made these remarks at a public rally held by Ennahdha candidate for the presidential elections, Abdelfattah Mourou, in the south-western city of Gafsa.

Ghannouchi said that many people envy Tunisia for the blessings its people enjoy.

He said that Ennahda had never intruded in politics, even over half a century of existence (it was founded in 1969) and suffering from torture, displacement and abuse.

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Ghannouchi stressed that Gafsa today has the right to reclaim its natural resources, about local demands for part of the revenues of phosphate extracted from the mines in the region.

In response to the journalists’ questions, Ghannouchi insisted: Ennahdha supports Abdelfattah Mourou’s candidacy for the president.

He added that the future of Tunisia could not be taken lightly by incompetent candidates.

Ghannouchi said that Mourou would be the next president of Tunisia. Thus, Ennahdha will keep supporting him until he wins the presidential race.

Tunisia is preparing to hold its presidential elections on Sunday, as 26 candidates contest for the first round, while parliamentary elections will be held on 6 October.