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Shocking documentary reveals Assad's aides in Europe

A shocking documentary broadcast by Al Jazeera has found that a number of "criminal" aides of Syria's Bashar Al-Assad are living and working in Europe, Arabi21.com reported on Sunday.

The investigative journalists behind The Search for Assad's Executioners traced several Assad aides and found that there are several doctors among them who have been involved in torturing Syrians in the regime's hospitals. According to the documentary, some of the aides recognised that they were being sought and deleted all information from their social media platforms.

The programme included exclusive videos taken inside the Homs military hospital showing the corpses of civilians alleged to have been tortured to death. One witness, whose identity was concealed because of a genuine fear of repercussions from the state, said that he saw several decomposed corpses in hospital. The tags on the bodies listed the cause of death as "stroke".

The investigation found that one of the doctors, whose name was mentioned by Der Spiegel, left his workplace in Germany after he realised that his bloody past in Damascus had been uncovered. It also found that several charities in Europe which provide support for the Assad regime, and some other groups, are working to collect intelligence data about Syrian refugees.

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