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4 Egypt police officers imprisoned over death of Islam the Australian

September 14, 2020 at 12:37 pm

Islam the Australian died at the hands of the Egyptian police, 7 September 2020 [SisAnkhAmon/Twitter]

Four police officers have been imprisoned over the death of Islam the Australian at Munib Police Station.

One other officer was released on bail of 5,000 Egyptian pounds ($317.30).

Last week, protests broke out outside Munib Police Station in Giza after a young man died at the hands of police.

He was taken to the police station after objecting to one of the officers insulting his mother, he later died from torture and beating.

The Interior Ministry released a statement smearing the reports of his death by saying that they were being pushed by outlets supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was outlawed in 2013.

After his mother refused to receive his body before police confirmed an investigation would take place into his death, security forces arrested her twice and 50 of his relatives.

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After she was arrested for the second time, she gave up her demand, according to Almanassa. His mother and sister have accused police officers who arrested him of killing him.

The public prosecution has now announced it has imprisoned four non-commissioned police officers over his death.

One of the arrested police officers told the prosecution that he responded to a call of a fight so he went to investigate, found Islam had been injured, and took him to the police station.

After they heard him screaming in the cell, they called an ambulance but it was too late. They found that he had died of his previous injuries.

Anger at police brutality, denial that it exists and impunity for perpetrators, was at the centre of the 2011 revolution, sparked by images of Khaled Saeed, who was beaten to death in Alexandria by police then framed as a drug user.

Since the 2013 coup, police brutality and impunity has risen.