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Ayat Al-Khadour records her final video documenting the bombardment of Beit Lahia

Palestinian journalist Ayat Al-Khadour testified to the bombardment of her neighbourhood ‘Beit Lahia’ in her final video. ‘They used phosphorus and thermobaric bombs’ Al-Khadour said. Al-Khadour recorded the video knowing it could be her last, saying she had no knowledge of where she, or any one of her neighbours, could go. Reports say she died minutes after the publication of the video, in an Israeli air strike that targeted her house.

November 21, 2023 at 9:09 am

Palestinian journalist Ayat Al-Khadour was killed last night after an Israeli raid that targeted her family’s home in the northern Gaza Strip.

Moments before the strike Ayat uploaded videos on social media saying these may be her last as the bombing of Beit Lahia had intensified and so she may not survive the night.

It was also reported that journalist, Alaa Taher Al-Hasanat was “killed in an Israeli strike targeting her family’s house in Gaza City.”

Ayat had previously documented Israeli aircraft’s use of internationally banned phosphorus bombs in residential areas in Gaza City.

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