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Sudan parties reject normalising ties with Israel

August 24, 2020 at 10:03 am

Sudanese take part in a demonstration against Israel’s offensive on the Gaza strip, in the capital Khartoum on 25 July 2014. [EBRAHIM HAMID/AFP via Getty Images]

Sudan’s Ba’ath and Popular Congress parties have rejected any attempt to normalise ties with Israel, considering it an occupation power in Palestine, Quds Press reported yesterday.

Both parties said in a joint statement issued on Saturday that “Israel is an occupation state that occupies beloved Palestine.”

They stressed that “it is impossible and it is not right to normalise relations with the Israeli occupation state.”

Meanwhile, the Sudanese Communist party declared its opposition to the normalisation of ties with Israel, reiterating its support for Palestinian rights and principles.

These statements came following remarks made by the former spokesman of the Sudanese Exterior Ministry Haidar Badawi who said that his country is looking forward to normalising ties with Israel.

The ministry denied his remarks and sacked him.

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However, the Deputy Head of Sudan Sovereignty Council Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo has recently met with a senior Israeli official in the UAE and discussed promoting his country’s relations with Israel.

 This comes just weeks after US President Donald Trump announced a peace deal between the UAE and Israel brokered by Washington.

Abu Dhabi said the deal was an effort to stave off Tel Aviv’s planned annexation of the occupied West Bank, however, opponents believe normalisation efforts have been in the offing for many years as Israeli officials have made official visits to the UAE and attended conferences in the country which had no diplomatic or other ties with the occupation state.

Netanyahu repeated on 17 August that annexation is not off the table, but has simply been delayed.