Thursday, July 30 2015

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Ahmed Timol vs Muhammad Abu Latifa: Apartheid South Africa vs Apartheid Israel

Muhammad Abu Latifa was shot dead by Israeli forces this month

The death of anti-Apartheid activist Ahmed Timol was confirmed officially on 28 October 1971. It was reported that the teacher had committed suicide by throwing himself from a window on the tenth floor of John Vorster Square Police Station in Johannesburg. His death, which we now know was a brutal police murder, sparked a nationwide reaction of shock and anger, as well as a national day of mourning. He is celebrated rightfully today as both a revolutionary martyr and a national hero of the 20th century.


Can Turkey and NATO reconcile over Syria strategy?

Bashar Al-Assad

When the US formed an international coalition to fight ISIS last year, Turkey was a reluctant partner. It has been accused, at best, of turning a blind eye to jihadist groups and, at worst, actively encouraging them in order to oust Syria's President Bashar Al-Assad. Turkey has always denied this charge. That seems to have changed this week, as the country has suddenly stepped up its military campaign, bombing both ISIS targets in Syria and Kurdish positions in northern Iraq.


Attaining 'unity' away from the PA is vital for Hamas

Ramona Wadi

Turmoil and discord continue to characterise the Palestinian unity government as it persists in adhering to the imperialist agenda concocted during "Operation Protective Edge" last summer. Last June, PA President Mahmoud Abbas sought to alleviate Israel's alleged fears during French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius's visit to Jerusalem, stating that internationally-recognised conditions would form the basis for participation in the unity government.


As Jeremy Corbyn makes political waves, let’s not waste the chance to make real change

Jeremy Corbyn

There is an extraordinary level of excitement about Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party leadership challenge. It has given hope to many who thought that such politicians had ceased to exist. It has also given a shock to those who advocate the centre samey — samey policies of the Tories and New Labour. They are now waking up to the incredible possibility of a genuine "conviction" politician emerging onto the political landscape and becoming the people's champion. Could he be emboldened enough to bring down the vulnerable Tory leadership and government? Is that a real possibility?


Semantics are important in this war of words

David Cameron, British Prime Minister

When Toby Young, a self-proclaimed "classic liberal", tweeted to journalist Mehdi Hassan, "My point is that being anti-Islamist isn't 'Islamophobic'," he perhaps unwittingly sparked number of questions in my mind. Two weeks later, British Prime Minister David Cameron's 5,500-word speech in Birmingham mentioned the word "Islamist" 10 times and "extremist" 32 times. His speech was neither a landmark nor innovative in terms of policies; rather, the hour-long ramble contained a number of inconsistencies, political selectiveness and statements of unadulterated intolerance as he highlighted the role of Muslim parents in preventing radicalisation, the "enforcing of British values" and perceived lack of integration.


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