Wednesday, November 25 2015

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More symbolic solidarity at the UN General Assembly

Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Danny DanonThe annual “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People”, as articulated by the UN, was held yesterday, resulting in several condemnations of Israeli policy including settlement expansion. Described by the Times of Israel as “an annual event sponsored by the Palestinians” the UN General Assembly has once again resorted to symbolic support, issuing recommendations that are non-binding and, despite professing alleged support for Palestinians, sending a strong suggestion that an annual commemoration is all that the Palestinians deserve from the international community.


Despite Israel’s wars, ethnic cleansing and hatred, Palestinians continue to grow in number

Dr Fayez RasheedThey’re killing our people in genocides, they're torturing and arresting our children and they're burning them alive. Israelis wish for the Palestinians to disappear from the face of the earth, so that they may rest, but we will not grant them any of their wishes. They hate Arabs and Muslims and the whole religion of Islam. They even tried to exploit the terrorist attack that hit Paris. A spokeswoman for Israeli Minister of Housing, Nira Yadin, attacked the holy Qur’an, desecrated and abused it verbally, connecting one of its verses to the events in Paris.


Solitary confinement and the incarceration of Palestinian narratives

Israeli prison

According to reports in the Palestinian media, Israel’s domestic security agency, Shin Bet, has ordered the extension of solitary confinement for three Palestinian prisoners in Megiddo Prison, citing stale “security concerns” as a pretext.


On the banning of the Islamic Movement in 48 Palestine

Lama KhaterHistory has proven that the stupidest measure any occupying power anywhere can take is to strip an effective and influential political and social movement from all of its gains and its public activities. This means that the occupying power will push this movement to a point where it no longer has anything physical to lose – whether that be institutions, headquarters, associations, or any facility in which it exercises its public activities – and where it no longer needs to abide by specific rules in order to avoid being outlawed or harshly persecuted.


UNRWA’s institutional presence and neutrality

Ramona Wadi

In his address to the UN General Assembly’s Fourth Committee on Decolonisation, UNRWA Commissioner General Pierre Krähenbühl gave a detailed overview of the restrictions faced by the organisation which, in turn, affect the lives of Palestinian refugees. From a recapitulation of the repercussions of Operation Protective Edge, which formed the foundations of last year’s report to the Fourth Committee, the civil war in Syria and violence in Lebanon’s refugee camps, Krähenbühl unravelled details of the humanitarian situation, managing to illustrate the impact of violence on refugee education.


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