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The execution of a nation

Mohammed Badie

I was not surprised by the recent mass death sentences issued to the Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including the group's Supreme Guide, Dr Mohammed Badie. This is the fourth time that he has been sentenced to death by Al-Sisi's courts, which have also executed the judiciary, thus killing all law and order in Egypt. The rule of law has been buried in the chests of the coup's judges, just as their souls and consciences have died and rotted in their chests.


Human trafficking and the scramble for political influence

Ramona WadiPart of the political rhetoric regurgitated repeatedly since 2011 has been the expectation that the surge of African migrants heading towards Europe would decrease in the aftermath of the Arab Spring. Four years later, the human trafficking industry is still producing tragic tales, the most recent being the drowning of around 400 people, including children, who were attempting to reach Italy.Sadly, even the presence of humanitarian concern has ceased to materialise, as European leaders embark upon a racist political agenda that prioritises vote garnering and xenophobia.


Egypt's adaptation of the 'War on Terror'

Egyptian soldier at a tunnel in SinaiEgypt's penal code has been updated to reflect Zionist terror and impositions. Following collaboration with Israel in destroying the tunnel network, the alleged "War on Terror" has now been extended by Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi to Gaza. Individuals found guilty of tunnel construction or usage as regards the border between Gaza and Rafah can be sentenced to life imprisonment.


Court case highlights Israel’s ‘globally unique’ discriminatory land regime

Ben White

Israel's apartheid policies are under the spotlight again, with a petition before the country's High Court demanding that planning rights be returned to Palestinian villages in the West Bank. At stake is a discriminatory system described just last week by Amnesty International as "unique globally."


Iran’s policy of patience and foresight

Iran’s Arak Nuclear Facility site

We have to admit that Iran is a cunning, intelligent and, perhaps, evil political player. Over the past 13 years — that's how long the negotiations between the West and Tehran regarding its nuclear programme have been going on — Iran has been able to negotiate, manoeuvre and confuse America and the EU in order to achieve what it wants.


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