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Solidarity, concessions and complicity

Palestinian flagIn the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the United Nations deems it pertinent to issue a reminder to Palestine with regard to the rapacious imperial benevolence. On April 14, the UN website published a news brief stating that Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had spoken to Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu in an effort to salvage the temporarily stalled negotiations.


Human rights abuses by the American forces in Iraq

Stewart SloanThe United Nations and the United States of America are calling for an investigation into human rights abuses by the Sri Lankan government and LTTE. Sadly, one of the regular responses by the Sri Lankan government to the call for accountability is the fact that the UN has never hauled up the US for the now, well documented accusations, of human rights abuses in Iraq, including the horrific torture of literally thousands of detainees. I am not suggesting for one minute that two wrongs make a right or that Sri Lanka should not be held accountable. However, the call by the Sri Lankan government that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones is a valid one.


Rhetoric of blame and recognition

Avigdor LiebermanWithin Zionist perspectives, essential components of "peace" are the urge to assign blame upon Palestinians and the tendency to wallow in the mild "condemnation" of the settler-colonial state by the international community. Having accomplished this sequence, peace is then constructed as "an Israeli need".


Al-Sisi's bicycle

Dr Amira Abo El-FetouhAbdel Fattah Al-Sisi chose to begin his presidential campaign in Egypt by riding a bicycle valued at 40,000 Egyptian Pounds in an empty street with no vehicles other than a parked bus and exactly eight individuals. They were, of course, his guards. I am intrigued by those who doubted that Al-Sisi would run for the presidency. He is the man who carried out a brutal coup and overthrew elected President Mohamed Morsi in order to make a dream he has been having for over 30 years come true. In the dream he told the late President Anwar Sadat that he knows he will become the president of Egypt, and he saw his Omega watch with the first letter of his name, a red sword, and other figments of his imagination.


Haifa University launches course in pro-Israel propaganda

University of Haifa logoThe University of Haifa has launched an academic course to combat the online "delegitimization of Israel", in what it claims to be a "first" for academia. In a press release dated 30 March, the University proudly describes the four credit course, offered by the Department of Multi-Disciplinary Studies, as preparing "students to be unofficial 'ambassadors' for Israel on the Internet".