Tuesday, October 06 2015

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Fatah and the imminent Intifada

PASFThere is a positive change in the Palestinian Authority’s official position and I hope that this will spread and we will see its fruits on the ground. There is enthusiasm amongst the ranks of Fatah for a revolution and a sentimental union growing amongst the Palestinians. All that is left is for the security forces and their men to join their people and defend them with their weapons and expertise. They must stop cooperating with and remaining committed to the security agreements with the Israelis, as the president says, because the occupation authorities have not fulfilled any of their promises or agreements. Commitment to these agreements achieves nothing more than disappointment and a deviation from the national path.


O Jerusalem!

Image of Palestinian offering their Eid prayers last month in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compoundIs it enough for the Muslim nations to weep and beg to stop the blatant Zionist aggression against Al-Aqsa Mosque or is it merely a way for them to rid themselves of the responsibility of disappointing their Jerusalemite brothers and sisters who are defending the mosque with their bare chests in the face of their brutal enemy. The same enemy that seized their property and homeland and burned and destroyed everything Arab in Jerusalem, paving the way to Judaise the city, demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque, and build their alleged temple. This would have happened if it were not for the handful of male and female believers who confront the enemy and station themselves at the mosque in order to guard and protect it against the enemy. I swear the woman stationed at the mosque who stood up to the Israeli soldiers to prevent them from entering the mosque and desecrating it and was consequently attacked and kicked is worth the millions of Muslims who are sitting in their home content with watching what is happening.


Abbas and the Palestinians have no choice but reconciliation

Mahmoud AbbasThese days we are going through a great deal of uncertainty when it comes to the escalation of political turmoil and internal strife regarding the Palestinian situation. It is even more complicated given the Arab states’ neglect of the Palestinian issue and Israeli violence in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank. Recurrent aggression against the Gaza Strip exacerbates the suffering imposed by the siege and lack of reconciliation.


More diplomatic concessions at the UN for Israel’s existence

The UN General Assembly

Fabricated claims of UN bias against Israel continue to fuel Israeli media reports covering this year’s UN General Assembly. As Mahmoud Abbas played the usual game of fluctuating threats mellowed into diluted warnings, Israel embarked upon its own predictable propaganda tactic to portray international leaders as being intent on ignoring regional violence to shift focus upon “Israel’s conduct”.


Scandal under the United Nations flag

Hossam Shaker

Students arriving at the school gates to find them closed in accordance with instructions from the United Nations – a scenario that was very close to happening at the beginning of the current school year, remedied at the last minute by individuals within the international committees.


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