Wednesday, February 10 2016

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Events past and present suggest that colonial violence is inherent in Israel

Mohammed Abu Khdeir

The recent verdicts in the trial of those responsible for the brutal murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, the Palestinian teenager kidnapped, beaten and burned alive by Israeli settlers in July 2014, have coincided with the publication of historical testimony that sheds light upon the inherent nature of Israel’s colonial violence.


Knesset Speaker, who lives in a West Bank settlement, to address British MPs

Dr Michael D Evans with Yuli EdelsteinYuli Edelstein, the Speaker of Israel’s Knesset, will address British MPs and Lords on March 2 in Westminster, at an event organised by the British Inter-Parliamentary Union (BGIPU). The meeting will be chaired by Louise Ellman MP, chair of the All-Party Britain-Israel Parliamentary Group.


Looking behind Riyadh’s desire for a more active role in the Syrian conflict

Samira Shackle

When the US formed its anti-Daesh coalition in September 2014, Saudi Arabia was one of the first Arab countries to join. From the very beginning of the conflict, the kingdom’s position was clear: Bashar al-Assad must go. It soon mounted several air strikes on Syria. This direct action warned quickly in March after the kingdom launched its intervention in Yemen, an involvement that has extended far beyond Saudi Arabia’s expectations.


Herzog’s 'separation peace plan' is a fallacy to gain Israel more time and impunity

Ramona WadiWhatever rhetoric Israel decides to use within the context of the Jerusalem Intifada, the underlying concept remains consistent. Following his initial calls for separation of the Palestinians from their homeland, which revealed a plan as sinister as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s overt violence, opposition leader Isaac Herzog has promoted his hypothesis during a meeting in Rome with US Secretary of State John Kerry.


Tunnel network forms premise of Netanyahu’s threats against Gaza

File photo of one of the many tunnels in Gaza that are used to smuggle vital supplies in and out of the beseiged stripRecent announcements by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) that Hamas is rebuilding the border tunnel network have led Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to issue belligerent statements promising more brutality against the Palestinians in Gaza. Collaboration between Israel, the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and Egypt, which ensures and enforces Gaza’s isolation, seems to be the prologue for yet another premeditated military offensive.


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